Ekta Holistic Centre is formed in July 2007 by our founder Master Surjit Singh Khalsa. We are located in Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia.

Ekta Holistic Centre is a safe and nurturing place for healing and personal growth. The word 'Ekta' stands for 'one' and 'unity', and the word 'Holistic' is derived from the Greek word 'holos', meaning 'whole'. 'Ekta Holistic' regards the body, mind, and soul as one. When our body, mind, and soul are united and in harmony, so are our life and everything that is going to happen unto us.

Here in Ekta Holistic Centre, we practice holistic approach to life. We provide individuals with holistic resources and healing methods to help them enhance their personal power within. We strive to assist every comer to obtain lasting personal changes and growth,  and enjoy the abundance of success, improved health, inner peace and attain both material and spiritual happiness in life.

Join us today to enhance your life with Ekta Holistic Centre - an inspiring space for fitness, balance and well-bring through the holistic manner, which include Yoga, Meditation, Hypnosis, Reiki and more.....

Wooden Buddha Statue

Golden Wooden Buddha

Yoga Attire

Yoga Mats


Crystal Wands


Jade Pendant 2.5'' Laughing Buddha Green Brown

Gold Leaf Pendant 14k Agate Brown Crystal

Chalcedony Silver Pendant Green Sterling

Amethyst Pendant 1.8'' Purple Crystal Sterling Silver

Amethyst Pendant 1.5'' Key Purple Sterling Silver

Yellow Starfish Necklace Fossil Wood Shell

Unakite Tumbled Necklace Pink Green Stone

Turquoise Earth Necklace Tiger Eye Brown

Jasper Necklace 17'' Red Oval Root Chakra Stone

Jade Necklace Kwan Yin Yellow Macrame Adjustable

Freedom Necklace Purple Lepidolite Red Coral

Coin Question Necklace Jasper Orange Calcite

Calcite Necklace 17'' Orange Crystal Healing

Sunstone Heart 2.4'' Red Crystal Healing Stone Chakra

Lapis Pie Magnet Blue Crystal Healing Stone

Amethyst Angel 2'' Guardian Crystal Prayer Stone

Sundae Earrings Sodalite Dalmatian Jasper Moonstone

Royal Maribou Earrings Obsidian Black Purple Feather

Quartz Cage Earrings White Gold Interchangeable

Pearl Leaf Earrings White Silver Dangle

Lapis Box Earrings Blue Sterling White Copper

Ladybug Earrings Red Black Peru Seed Bead Stud

Howlite Coronation Earrings White Copper

Eternal Smoke Earrings Brown Green Jasper Quartz

Cherry Pearl Earrings Pink Black Obsidian Heart

Barrel Quartz Earrings Rutilated Yellow Brown

Amazonite Sky Earrings White Howlite Blue Green

Chrysocolla Cluster 3'' Angel Connection Crystal Gem

Cavansite Cluster 2'' Heulandite Crystal Blue Flower

Aragonite Cluster 2.8'' Pure White Sparkling Crystal

Apophyllite Cluster 2.3'' Crystal Akashic Record

Jade Bracelet Yellow Money Frog Stretch Crystal

In the Woods Bracelet Green Forest Jasper Stretch

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